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US Jet Charters provides the excellence of service that you deserve. By getting you to your location of choice in the utmost comfort, your productivity will skyrocket. Our flights include food services, drink services, as well as entertainment/productivity amenities.

Logistical Preparation

Our team arranges not only your flight, but your entire trip. Leverage us as your personal traveling assistant as we manage your ground transport and room as well. This is complementary on any flight. This service means that throughout the entirity of your travel, you can be focused on the work at hand rather than the hassles of travel.

100% Satisfaction

Our team responds rapidly and personnally to each and every flight. From your initial request to your final arrival, you will only deal with one team member. On top of that, you will be given their direct line and you will be able to reach them at any time. Never again get the "answering machine shuffle".

Our Happy Customers

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My flights with US Jet Charters always go smoothly. I never feel the need to worry about not getting to my destination on time.

Isabell D.

The best part about using US Jet Charter is that they handle the entire trip and not only the flight. Makes the other guys seem lazy in comparision.

Lyle S.

My husband and I have flown with dozens of providers, but now we have found our favorite. We will never go with another team.

Lori A.




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Alternative Service Options

If we cannot do it we know someone who can!

Frequent Flyer Programs

While US Jet Charters specializes in one time specialty events (great for bachelor parties to Las Vegas!), we know that many people prefer to fly much more frequently. If you fall under the category of a frequent flyer, we reccomend you to join our affiliated Private Jet Charter Rewards program. This program offers unique and intense benefits to the above average flyer.

New Locations

One of the coolest parts of private travel is that you can go much faster and therefore further. This has allowed us to expand our services to include services such as Washington DC Private Jet Charter, New York Private Jet Charter, Denver Private Jet Charter, Chicago Private Jet Charter, Orlando Private Jet Charter, San Francisco Private Jet Charter, and Houston Private Jet Charter.

Premeir Service Option

Every client is treated like royalty with our program, but some need to be treated like the king or queen themselves. This is why we have affiliated ourselves with one of the most established up and coming Jet Cards in the industry. For people who want instant access to their rep, rapid booking choices, and stable pricing they need look no further than the Sky Routes Jet Card. To get more information, consult the following resources:
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Compare to NetJets Cost
Compare to Sentient Jet Card
Compare to Delta Private Jets Cost